The 60th Annual SAFE Symposium will occur on November 1-3, 2022, at the Mobile Convention Center in Mobile, Alabama. This event is an excellent opportunity for organizations across industries to experience new technologies and embrace development opportunities.

What Is the SAFE Symposium?

The SAFE Association holds an annual symposium for leaders in aviation, land, space and marine operations to discuss the latest developments in protection and survival. The event features paper presentations, equipment demonstrations and an award event for some of the most notable products presented during the symposium.

This symposium continues to draw in an average of around 500 attendees every year and supports a diverse demographic from all of the above markets. The 2022 SAFE Symposium presents valuable information as much as promising opportunities.

Bringing these industry leaders together to share their developments in safety allows other organizations to grasp these innovative changes and adapt to the pertinent information they’ve received during the three-day symposium. It also enables the SAFE Association to maintain a meaningful relationship with these leaders.

Why Attend the SAFE Symposium?

The SAFE Symposium is an excellent way for long-time and emerging organizations to participate in a greater safety mission. In addition to this widespread commitment, attendees can:

  • Network with industry leaders to support your own organizational developments.
  • Find inspiration in some of the product demonstrations and latest safety developments.
  • Discover how the SAFE Association continues to lead the charge in land, space, aviation and marine protection.

AETC to Sponsor the Coffee Kiosk

For the 60th Annual SAFE Symposium, the SAFE Association has added sponsorship opportunities for industry leaders to contribute to the event. As a long-time attendee of the SAFE Symposium, AETC is sponsoring the coffee kiosk at the event. We are proud to support the SAFE Association in its commitment to a future of innovative safety practices.

Find AETC at the 2022 SAFE Symposium

Since 1978, AETC has designed, developed, qualified and manufactured life-support explosive and pyrotechnic components for aircraft. With our dedication to quality, an experienced team and a commitment to innovation, we continue to supply products that support aerospace devices according to strict industry standards.

The SAFE Symposium is an environment for developers like us to showcase and share our advancements for a safer future. Join AETC at the SAFE Symposium and learn about our latest projects. Registration for the event opens on October 31st. We hope to see you there!