Authorized personnel must take classified documents onto hostile grounds where there is a risk of compromise. These critical materials are vital to the country’s security, and their contents must not become known. When these materials are compromised, authorized personnel must take the proper measures to ensure complete and rapid destruction when no other means of removal are possible. In many cases, the personnel utilizes an anti-compromise emergency-destruct (ACED) system to execute these tasks.

Applied Energy Technology Corp. has partnered with the United States Navy to manufacture an ACED system that delivers secure and effective destruction of materials for use in cabinets and safes.

What Is an Anti-Compromise Emergency-Destruct System?

A compromise is the known or suspected exposure of top-secret personnel, equipment, materials or other classified assets to an unauthorized person. ACED systems pertain to top-security documents and materials stored at sites vulnerable to surprise enemy attacks. Some examples of these materials might include ledgers, code books, software or computer files that could jeopardize the country’s security if they fell into the wrong hands.

Personnel performs emergency destruction to prevent disclosure of secure information to the enemy and impede the unauthorized use of equipment. The objective of an ACED system is to destroy the information and leave the equipment completely inoperable.

How Does an ACED System Work?

The ACED system’s block initiates when an electric firing signal activates two igniter assemblies that produce a flame output. The igniter output melts through the bag and powder inside. The powder burns rapidly at a high temperature, igniting the contents inside the cabinet or safe. This process destroys all the contents, ensuring the protection of national security data and materials.

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