High-functioning fire extinguishers are crucial to every aircraft. This equipment manages onboard fire-related emergencies by extinguishing blazes and keeping passengers and crew members safe. Some key components of these tools are fire extinguisher cartridges. These devices are crucial to your extinguishers’ overall operation, ensuring that every use is effective.

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What Is a Fire Extinguisher Cartridge?

Fire extinguisher cartridges, also known as squibs, are the primary parts of an aircraft’s fire extinguishing system responsible for facilitating the flow of suppressing agents from their storage bottles. These miniature explosive devices fit into the extinguisher’s discharge valve. Electrical activation provides a charge to the storage bottle, expelling fire suppressants in the event of unexpected combustion incidents.

How Do Aircraft Fire Bottle Squibs Work?

Extinguisher cartridges typically contain two electrical leads. Insulating material and a bridgewire embedded in a heat-sensitive chemical mixture divide those leads. We build them like sticks of dynamite, using small tubes filled with an explosive substance and a detonator running through their center.

Most fire extinguishing systems in airplanes have a container bottle that holds pressurized gas and a fire suppressant. The aircraft fire bottle squib within the airtight container operates by puncturing the diaphragm disc and forcing the extinguishing agent out of the bottle to vanquish the flames.

Are There Different Kinds of Fire Suppression Squibs?

You can choose between two types of explosive fire squibs — electrically operated and manually operated squibs. Electrically operated cartridges are most common, automatically activating using mechanical force. Users must trigger manually operated extinguishers by hand.

Fire squibs are also available in many sizes, typically ranging from 0.08 inches to 0.6 inches in diameter.

What Type of Aircraft Fire Extinguishers Need Cartridges?

Aircraft fire extinguishing systems that use cartridges are cartridge-operated extinguishers. These systems have a heavy-duty construction with a simple design, and we craft them to reduce the risk of extinguisher failure. These extinguishers are also better suited for harsh environments than other aviation fire extinguisher types.

Cartridge-operated extinguishers are most common in industrial applications with high fire risk, such as aviation, power generation, mining and industries that revolve around chemicals, oil or gas.

Applications of Pressure Cartridges for Fire Extinguishers

Squibs are found in three primary industries when used for aviation purposes and are present in the following aircraft:

  • Military: The military aviation industry uses squibs in combat and noncombat aircraft.
  • Commercial: Commercial aircraft like airplanes and helicopters use cartridges.
  • Private: Private aircraft like VIP airliners and business jets use squibs.

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