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If you work in an industry that utilizes aerospace technology, you know the importance of having pyrotechnic and explosive devices on your plane. With advanced tools like propellant-actuated and cartridge-actuated devices on your aircraft, you can protect your crew or passengers from unexpected disasters.

At AETC, we strive to be your go-to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for aircraft pyrotechnics. We’ve spent over 40 years developing a positive reputation for our small business, and we hold ourselves to exceptional design, manufacturing, and qualification standards.


40 Years in Business with 100 Years of Combined Experience

As aircraft OEM experts specializing in pyrotechnics and explosives, we have all the advanced devices you need to equip your plane against sudden dangers. Some of the many aerospace products we carry include:

  • Fire extinguisher cartridges: Also known as squibs, these miniature explosive devices are designed to activate and expel fire suppressing agents from an aircraft’s storage bottles when a fire occurs.
  • Initiators: These generate pressure and heat to ignite propellants using small, lightweight bridgewires to maximize efficiency.
  • Detonators: Detonators are high-energy devices used to trigger explosives. They’re built to withstand extreme temperatures and produce high activation energy.
  • Extraction parachute cartridges: In the event of a parachute malfunction, these cartridges allow for safe descent from the aircraft.
  • Cutters: Our cutters, piston pullers and piston pushers use initiator pressure to release safety features such as slides and rafts during aircraft emergencies.

Industries We Serve

We understand the importance of keeping your aircraft safe, no matter the application or industry. That’s why we provide pyrotechnic solutions for all major aerospace industries.



The military defense industry is in charge of designing and manufacturing war goods used to protect the country. This field also utilizes many types of military aircraft, including combat aircraft designated to attack enemy equipment and non-combat aircraft that transport weapons from place to place.

We carry many tools and equipment suited for military defense, from squibs and initiators to detonators and extraction parachute cartridges and more.

Commercial aircraft carries passengers through the sky


Commercial airlines provide air transportation for civil passengers and cargo across the country and worldwide. Commercial aviation involves the use of airplanes and helicopters and can be either scheduled or non-scheduled, depending on the aircraft carrier. This industry is highly profitable for the economy and generates millions of U.S. jobs.

Our fire extinguisher cartridges, initiators and detonators are particularly popular for commercial airlines, though we carry many additional devices optimized to our clients’ needs.



Private aviation is similar to commercial, but this field entails the transport of small groups of people in private aircraft like business jets and VIP airliners. These jets are typically smaller and more luxurious than commercial airplanes and often serve government officials, public bodies, and armed forces.

We offer detonators, initiators and fire extinguisher cartridges that bring safety and efficiency to any private aircraft. For custom pyrotechnic devices for private aviation, contact our team.

Why Choose AETC as Your Aircraft OEM?

We started our OEM aerospace company in Texas in 1978 and still provide our customers with high-quality explosive components and pyrotechnics over 40 years later. When you choose AETC for your aircraft safety needs, you’ll experience:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Competitive prices
  • Tailored solutions
  • Experienced staff
  • Reliable products

Purchase Products From a Reliable Aircraft Pyrotechnics Manufacturer Today

If you’re looking for expertly designed cartridge-actuated devices in Texas, AETC is your solution. Our small but mighty business has spent decades developing the most durable and dependable aerospace products on the market. Contact us to learn more about our products today!