If you’re part of the commercial aviation industry, you understand the importance of having the proper safety provisions on board — with many passengers and crew members on your plane, you’re responsible for the safe descent of dozens of people. With pyrotechnic solutions like aircraft propellant actuated devices (PAD) and cartridge actuated devices (CAD), you can ensure that you have the resources needed to provide travelers with a secure flight experience, even in the event of unexpected emergencies.

At AETC, we specialize in manufacturing aerospace pyrotechnic and explosive devices tailored to your commercial aviation needs. Our products set dependability and quality standards.

Commercial Aircraft Products

We carry numerous commercial aircraft devices that keep airlines prepared for sudden plane malfunctions and onboard emergencies. With our aircraft PAD and CAD, you can ensure that all safety operations go as planned with fast, efficient and reliable performance.

Our highly trained staff has decades of experience in aerospace manufacturing. Our team has the skills and expertise needed to create commercial pyrotechnic products you can trust.

Fire Extinguisher Squib Rendering

Fire Extinguisher Cartridges

The fire extinguishing system in an aircraft is of the utmost importance for managing onboard fires. Our fire extinguisher cartridges, or squibs, streamline the aviation fire suppression process by helping set fire extinguishing systems in motion.

These cartridge activated devices are tiny, explosive components found in the discharge valves of extinguishing agent containers, which provide the pressure needed for your storage bottles to expel fire suppressants to subdue flames.


Initiators are another type of aircraft CAD responsible for generating pressure and heat to ignite materials, such as propellants, thermal battery systems and safety fuses. These components accomplish these tasks by using heated bridgewire devices to facilitate the chemical reactions needed to stimulate pyrotechnic substances.

Initiators contribute the driving force for commercial applications ranging from aircraft seat ejections to fire extinguishing.

Initiator Rendering
Fire Extinguisher Cartridge Rendering


We produce commercial detonators to activate explosive devices safely and efficiently. These devices have hermetic seals and improve the success of safe and stable explosions.

Detonators make it easier to discharge secondary explosive devices that are safer to use but more challenging to trigger intentionally. To expedite this process, detonators deliver small initiating bursts to these commercial explosives.

Commercial Platforms

AETC serves many commercial aviation clients, providing them with fire extinguishers, detonators and initiators they can rely on. Some platforms we assist include:

  • Embraer.
  • Beechcraft.
  • Airbus.
  • Lockheed.
  • Cessna.
  • Gulfstream.
  • Boeing.
  • Bell Helicopters.
  • Learjet.
  • Canadair.
  • SuperPuma AS 332.
  • Aerospatiale.
  • McDonnell Douglas.
  • Fokker.
  • Bombardier Inc.
  • Dassault Falcon.
  • Sabreliner business jets.
  • Sikorsky.
  • DeHavilland.

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