In aviation, it’s crucial that your extraction parachutes always function reliably and efficiently, ensuring safe cargo removal without the risk of malfunctions. Sustaining secure freight extractions would not be possible without the high-quality cutter cartridges within your aircraft’s extraction parachute jettison devices and other systems. These devices are vital for creating the explosions necessary to set off essential safety components in aircraft.

AETC is your one-stop shop for high-quality extraction parachute cartridges. We’ve spent over 40 years providing military, private and commercial aerospace customers with tailored solutions they can trust.

What Are Cutters, Piston Pushers and Piston Pullers?

Cutters, piston pushers and piston pullers have applications in many kinds of releases. For example, they are all part of extraction parachute jettison devices, which use these pyrotechnic components to release the parachute’s main lines. These parts also help ignite aircraft initiators by facilitating explosive chain reactions, using the pressure from the blast to deliver safety features.

Cutters have circular blades at each end of the mechanism. These components slice into the valve or disc when activated by pressure buildup to detach the main lines. These devices cut into solid and multistranded wires in as little as 20 milliseconds.

Piston pushers and pullers operate the same way as cutters but have a different construction. These options have pins instead of blades. Once the pressure from the initiator increases, the force either pushes or pulls the piston to fracture the pin and release the parachute lines.

Our Cutter Capabilities

At AETC, we carry a comprehensive variety of cutter cartridges that you can choose from based on your needs. Regardless of your aerospace or military operation, we have the devices that’ll ensure its success, including:

  • Piercing cutters: Piercing cutters are non-explosive devices used in laser cutting applications.
  • Parachute cutters: These pyrotechnic cutters have applications for both human and cargo parachutes.
  • Reefing line cutters: These devices aid in bomb release, usually in military fields.
  • Bolt cutters: Bolt cutters enable users to cut cables or rods.
  • Custom cutter cartridge solutions: You can customize cutter cartridges to meet your specifications.

What Are Cutters Used For?

Cutter cartridges are suitable for numerous military, commercial and aviation applications. They are primarily used to set off safety features in commercial aircraft during onboard emergencies, but they are also ideal for bomb deployment, flare ejection and opening pressure valves.

Cutters, piston pushers and pullers facilitate the release of all of the following mechanisms:

  • Parachutes
  • Evacuation slides
  • Rafts
  • Cables
  • Rods
  • Booms

Do Cutter Cartridges Need to Be Replaced?

You should replace or inspect your cutter cartridges as often as you maintain the systems they’re part of, whether you use a parachute ejection system or an evacuation slide deployment device. Like most equipment, your maintenance intervals should reflect several factors, including:

  • How often you use your equipment.
  • Whether it becomes damaged.
  • If you notice improper function.

Since choosing when to replace your cartridge can be complex, we recommend asking the experts. Reach out to AETC for more information about when to replace your extraction parachute squibs.

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