Aerospace pyrotechnics and explosives contain hazardous chemicals that can pose safety risks for passengers and crew members onboard your aircraft. Luckily, safety data sheets (SDS) and explosives approvals give you the information and permissions you need to safeguard your plane from unexpected disasters.

What Is a Safety Data Sheet?

Safety data sheets are documents containing information regarding the compositions, properties and hazards associated with certain products and materials, along with required protective measures and safety precautions to take when managing, storing and transporting these substances. SDS also features safe handling protocols and recommendations you can follow in case of accidental releases, first aid, exposure control and personal protection situations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that safety data sheets be readily accessible to employees in their work areas at any time during their shifts.

What Is an Explosives Approval?

The law requires that individuals involved in the manufacture, distribution or storage of Class 1 explosive materials receive approval from their country of manufacture. A competent authority examines and classifies any explosive substances before they confirm the products for handling through this process.

According to American and international regulations, individuals must have documentation featuring a competent authority’s approval reference number on any transport records for explosive shipments going through, to or from the United States.

Our SDS and EX Approvals

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