Private jets are luxurious aircraft meant to keep passengers comfortable and secure. Ensuring that all safety equipment is functional and efficient is a significant part of promoting those feelings. With high-quality pyrotechnic aircraft components on your plane, you can feel confident that you have the proper protections available in the event of an onboard emergency.

AETC is Texas’ choice in original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for private aerospace devices. We’ve been in the pyrotechnics and explosives business for over 40 years, delivering high-performing products that we tailor to our customers’ needs.

Our Private Aircraft Products

When you choose AETC for your OEM aircraft components, you can expect the highest quality and reliability available on the market. We employ a team of professionals with decades of aviation manufacturing experience, meaning we have the skills and expertise to bring you products you can depend on.

We carry various pyrotechnic devices suited for the private aviation industry that you can use on your aircraft.

new fire extinguisher squibs

Fire Extinguisher Cartridges

Aircraft fire extinguishing systems are a crucial part of any private aircraft, putting out onboard fires before they can harm passengers or equipment. Aviation fire extinguisher cartridges, also called squibs, play a crucial role in your fire suppressant system’s performance. These components act as the force that drives the extinguishing agent out of the aircraft storage bottles.

Squibs are miniature explosives found in the discharge valves of your private plane’s extinguishing agent containers. These devices rupture the storage bottle to release the fire suppressant and put out the flames.


Another valuable component of private aircraft systems is a detonator. These high-energy devices trigger explosive devices in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Detonators make explosives more stable by aiding secondary explosive devices in their ignition — users proved that this equipment was safer than previous explosives. Still, it takes effort and intention to set them off. Detonators ease this process by providing small discharges that drive the explosives to detonate.

MFG parts
Applied Energy Technology corporation initiator rendering


Initiators are another essential part of a  private aircraft. These cartridge actuated devices build the necessary pressure or heat to kindle mildly combustible materials. Initiators use heated components called bridgewires to generate exothermic chemical reactions that ignite pyrotechnic compositions.

Aviation initiators provide private aircraft with the force they need for numerous onboard applications, such as fire extinguisher initiations and seat ejections.

Private Aviation Platforms

We’ve been in the aircraft pyrotechnics business for over four decades, serving private aviation clients from many major manufacturers. Some trusted brands we’ve created aerospace solutions for include:

  • Boeing Business Jet.
  • Bombardier.
  • Embraer.
  • Beechcraft.
  • Cessna.
  • Dassault.
  • Gulfstream.
  • Honda.
  • Nextant.
  • Pilatus.
  • Piaggio.
  • Airbus.

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