All fire extinguishers use both an extinguishing agent and a propellant gas in their operation. Typical aircraft fire extinguishing systems consist of a container — or a bottle — with a liquid halogenated extinguishing agent and pressurized gas such as nitrogen. The bottle seals hermetically with a safety fitting, a pressure switch and a rupture disc.

A threaded discharge outlet assembly installs over the diaphragm, and the discharge port connects to the aircraft plumbing system. Squibs are miniature explosive devices in the discharge valve. The initiator — or actuator — is one of the system’s most vital components.

High-performance fire extinguishers are vital to every aircraft’s operation. They resolve onboard fire emergencies by extinguishing flames while keeping crew members and passengers safe.

Many aircraft systems use fire extinguishers that encompass both military and commercial implementation. Military and commercial cartridges are almost identical aside from the speed they fire. Military cartridges fire in approximately 10 milliseconds, while commercial cartridge firing times range from 25 to 50 milliseconds.

Applied Energy Technology Corp (AETC) offers a complete line of both types of cartridges.

Military Cartridges

AETC’s military squibs include cartridges suitable for both the Air Force and Navy, adapted specifically for military aviation purposes in combat and non-combat vessels. We carry a complete line of cartridge-actuated devices that meet the required MIL specs. These cartridges are critical components in military fire extinguishing systems, allowing for rapid and efficient fire management aboard the aircraft.

When it comes to military aviation, your fire extinguishing systems are paramount to the safe operation of your aircraft. We manufacture cartridges used in extinguishers on various Air Force aviation vessels, including the widely known A-10, C-17 and F-15 aircraft. AETC also develops squibs for numerous Navy aircraft like the MV-22, EA-6B, A-6E, V-22 and F-18.

Commercial Cartridges

AETC develops commercial squibs with the most urgent onboard emergencies in mind. We prioritize reliable, fast and efficient performance in all our equipment. With the safety of your passengers and crew as our primary concern, we manufacture our cartridges with the highest possible accuracy, precision and reliability.

Our squibs are suitable for most cartridge-actuated extinguishers in commercial airplanes and helicopters. AETC has a long list of clients in the commercial aviation industry, so we’re confident that we can meet your fire extinguishing needs. Several of our most well-known customers include Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

Cartridge Electrical Output

Squibs operate electrically and install on the discharge outlet assembly of the container. When electrically actuated, they pyrotechnically break the diaphragm, allowing the extinguishing agent to discharge.

Extinguisher squibs typically accommodate two electrical leads. Dividing those leads is a bridge wire embedded in a heat-sensitive chemical mixture and several insulation layers.

Choosing AETC as Your Valued Cartridge Supplier

AETC sets itself apart from the competition by providing our customers with better communication, quality, customer service and lead times. We have years of experience in our field, possessing the knowledge, skills and experience you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about our line of pyrotechnic products for military and commercial applications.