When engaging in military aviation, your aircraft explosives and pyrotechnic devices are crucial to the safety of your aircraft, cargo and crew. With components like military initiators, detonators and squibs, you can ensure that all aircraft systems are operational and secure.

AETC is Texas’ trusted original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for high-quality military actuator devices. We’ve delivered robust and reliable products for the aerospace industry for over 40 years, exhibiting exceptional craftsmanship and customer service with every product.

Military Pyrotechnic Devices

At AETC, we carry a wide assortment of high-performing pyrotechnic devices adapted for military aviation applications. Our military actuator devices include both cartridge and propellant actuated devices (CAD and PAD) suitable for the Air Force and Navy.

Our team of innovators has decades of experience in our field, possessing the knowledge, skills and experience you can trust.

Fire Extinguisher Cartridges

Fire extinguisher cartridges, also known as squibs, are devices that act as the driving force for military fire extinguishers during unexpected blazes.

Air Force fire extinguisher squibs are small explosive components stored within your fire suppressant containers, delivering the pressure needed to eject the extinguishing agent and subdue the flames. These cartridge actuated devices are crucial components of military fire suppression systems, facilitating fast and efficient onboard fire management.

Extraction Parachute Cartridges

Extraction parachutes are devices that aid in the release of military cargo from aircraft that are still airborne. These auxiliary parachutes are part of the extraction parachute jettison system, which remotely amends any cargo drop malfunctions safely and quickly.

Military parachute cartridges are a part of the system’s extraction parachute jettison devices and release the parachute’s main lines.


Initiators are Army and Navy aircraft CAD that produce the heat or pressure needed to ignite less combustible materials. These devices use heated components called bridgewires to generate exothermic reactions, provoking pyrotechnic compositions.

Military initiators have many military applications, such as demolitions, missiles, munitions, nuclear weapon initiation and parachute release.


AETC manufactures military detonators that aid in the activation of explosive devices. These hermetically sealed components support secondary explosives, which produce safer explosions but require more effort to set off intentionally. Detonators smooth this process by delivering small bursts to the device, driving detonation.

Military remote detonators are perfect for military operations, like nuclear weapons and ballistics applications.

Air Force

We develop military pyrotechnic solutions for numerous Air Force aviation platforms, including the following aircraft:

  • A-10
  • C-17
  • C-130
  • B-1B
  • C-121
  • C-135
  • C-123
  • B-57
  • C-141
  • C-5A
  • C-47
  • CH-3
  • C-131
  • E3A
  • F-15
  • C-137
  • H-3
  • F-111
  • KC-135
  • H-60
  • OV-10
  • HH-53
  • HH-60A
  • UH-1
  • T-29
  • T-39
  • UH-1N


AETC also serves many aircraft platforms with our Navy CAD PAD solutions:

  • MV-22
  • EA-6B
  • A-6E
  • V-22
  • F-18

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